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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 519Strong
Donate 519Strong-Jeremy Coast Memorial Scholarship
Donate Adam Weeter Memorial Scholarship
Donate Albaugh Paranick Charitable
Donate Alexander “Bud” Marks Scholarship
Donate Alfreda Kurtich Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Donate Allegheny Valley Trails Association Endowment
Donate Anna Marie (Lanzendorfer) Jordan, RN, Nursing & Healthcare Professions Scholarship
Donate Anna M. Ewalt Scholastic Award
Donate Arthur (Bud) Van Nort Memorial Scholarship
Donate Autism Stands
Donate BBCF Operating
Donate BBCF Savings
Donate Ben Franklin Trust of the Venango County Area Community Foundation
Donate Bill Anthony Memorial Scholarship
Donate Board Designated Reserve Fund
Donate Bracken Scholarship
Donate Brad & Denise (Kemmer) Bish Scholarship
Donate Brooks-Huwar-Leadbetter Sportsperson of the Year Award
Donate Brown Chapel A.M.E. Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bucktails of Beaver Township Scholarship
Donate Building Student Connections
Donate Caring for the Caregiver Jackie’s Chapter
Donate Carl L. Trauterman, Jr. Charitable
Donate Cash for Vets
Donate Chair Campaign
Donate Charles E. and Eleanor T. Stubler Memorial
Donate Chester A. and Beulah A. Baum Memorial Scholarship
Donate Chicken Coop-Studio 306
Donate Child Development Centers Endowment
Donate City of Franklin Family of Funds
Donate City of Oil City Family of Funds
Donate Clarion Area Bobcat Scholarship Fund
Donate Clarion Area Bobcat Undesignated Funds
Donate Clarion Area Football Boosters
Donate Clarion Borough Community Parks Fund (Founded by Janice Horn)
Donate Clarion County 4H Endowment
Donate Clarion County Community Foundation Operating
Donate Clarion County Community Foundation Rare Gift Endowment
Donate Clarion County Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment
Donate Clarion Free Library Continuation Fund
Donate Clarion Shelter Task Force
Donate Clicks for a Cause
Donate Coach Steven B. Rood Memorial Scholarship
Donate Community Services of Venango County Endowment
Donate Cooperstown Public Library
Donate Cranberry Area Lions Club Scholarship
Donate Cranberry Area School District Charitable
Donate Cranberry High School Girls Volleyball
Donate Daniels McConnell Scholarship Development
Donate David Jardin WFHS Memorial Scholarship
Donate David W. Humphrey Memorial Scholarship
Donate DeBence Antique Music World Charitable
Donate Dennis and Martha Lamb Charitable
Donate Dustin A. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship
Donate Eccles Rimersburg Medical Center Endowment
Donate Eugene F. Hanna Scholarship
Donate Floyd E. and Anna E. Carbaugh Memorial Scholarship
Donate Focus On Our Future Endowment
Donate Focus On Our Future-Lead Task Force
Donate Forest Area School District
Donate Forest Area School District - Laser Engraver
Donate Forest County Taxpayers Association Scholarship
Donate Forest County Unrestricted Endowment Fund, Founded by Bill and Judy McDaid
Donate Francis E. Gibbons Memorial Scholarship
Donate Francis Jones Weber Scholarship
Donate Frank & Eleanor Miese Scholarship
Donate Franklin Area School District Endowment
Donate Franklin Civic Operetta Association
Donate Franklin High School Alumni Development
Donate Franklin High School Alumni Scholarship
Donate Franklin High School Artificial Turf
Donate Franklin Promise Program
Donate Franklin Public Library Association Endowment
Donate Franklin Rotary - Jay French Miller Scholarship
Donate Frank M. and Eleanor R. Miese
Donate Friends of the Oil City Fire Department
Donate Galena Rew Harrington and Mary E. Rew Endowment
Donate GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math & Science)
Donate George Francis Rouault Memorial Scholarship
Donate George J. Vergis Family Scholarship
Donate Glen L. Mohnkern Newsroom
Donate Grace Woods Nellis Scholarship
Donate Grove Hill Mausoleum
Donate Gwendolyn Smith Scholarship
Donate Howard G. Lehman and Joyce K. Lehman Education Scholarship
Donate Imagine Franklin Legacy
Donate Jack & Donna Snyder Scholarship
Donate James D. Schwab PhD.- Clarion University of Pennsylvania Scholarship
Donate Janet L. Henc Scholarship
Donate J. Bowman Proper Scholarship
Donate Jean Lucille Frank Scholarship
Donate Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship
Donate Jene and Milton Rosen Charitable
Donate Jene and Milton Rosen Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jensin Michael Potts Scholarship
Donate Jensin Michael Potts Scholarship Development
Donate Jessica M. Stephens Memorial Scholarship
Donate John R. Loeffler Memorial Golf Scholarship
Donate Josh Smith Memorial Playground
Donate Kameron's Karing Challenge Scholarship
Donate Kami Dinger Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kami Dinger Memorial Scholarship Development
Donate Karma Concert Series
Donate Kathleen Gordon Wilson Memorial Book
Donate Kenneth H. Messer Charitable Remainder Trust
Donate Kenneth R. Best & Louise A. Best Charitable
Donate Koos Endowment Fund
Donate Kopchak Family Charitable Fund, in Memory of Myron and Tillie Kopchak and their daughters, Jeraldine and Virginia Kopchak
Donate Kugler Legacy
Donate Land of Laughter
Donate Margaret Feldman Educational Memorial
Donate Margery L. Himes Scholarship
Donate Mark and Rita Hale Charitable
Donate Mark & Rita Hale Scholarship Fund
Donate Marsha L. Beichner Memorial Scholarship
Donate Mary Ann Richardson Endowment
Donate Mary E. Shaner Scholarship
Donate Mary Louise Brown Whiting Memorial
Donate Maxine Miller Scholarship
Donate McElhattan Impact Fund for the Knox Area
Donate Michael and Marie Zacherl Outstanding Diesel Technology Senior Award
Donate Mike & Nancy Baker Charitable
Donate Money Market Interest
Donate Nazareth in the Woods Corporation
Donate Nicholas R. Sanford Memorial Journalism Scholarship
Donate Nicholas R. Sanford Memorial Scholarship
Donate OCASD Athletic Endowment
Donate OCASD Science Endowment
Donate OCMS/OCHS Food Pantry
Donate Oil City Area School District Endowment
Donate Oil City Artists Special Projects
Donate Oil City Arts and Cultural Endowment
Donate Oil City Civic Center Endowment
Donate Oil City Eagles Aerie #283 Scholarship
Donate Oil City Library Endowment
Donate Oil City Library Income Account
Donate Oil City Mayor's Scholarship
Donate Oil City's East End Fountain Endowment
Donate Oil City Sign
Donate Oil City Take Pride
Donate Oil City Town Square Endowment
Donate Oil Creek Railway Historical Society
Donate Oil Region Astronomy Education Endowment
Donate Oil Region Library Association Endowment
Donate Oil Valley Disc Golf Society
Donate Oil Valley Film Festival
Donate O'Neil Family Scholarship
Donate Online donation sweep account
Donate PA Rural Robotics Initiative - Forest Area SD
Donate PA Rural Robotics Initiative - General
Donate Paul and Ellen Flickner Charitable
Donate Paul & Ellen Flickner Girls Basketball College Scholarship
Donate PNC Pass Thru
Donate Presbyterian Homes Endowment
Donate Punxsutawney Area Arts and Humanities
Donate Punxsutawney Area Coal Memorial Endowment
Donate Punxsutawney Area Community Foundation- Operating
Donate Punxsutawney Area Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment
Donate Punxsutawney Area Historical and Genealogical Society Endowment
Donate Punxsutawney Area School District
Donate Punxsutawney Community Improvement
Donate Rainy Linn Memorial
Donate Rainy Linn Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ray & Linda Stiglitz Charitable Fund
Donate Redbank Valley General Scholarship
Donate Redbank Valley School District
Donate Reno Neighborhood Association
Donate Reno Playground
Donate Restricted Checking Interest
Donate Restricted Holding
Donate RG ASL Ric Swendsen
Donate Riverside Cemetery Association
Donate R. Jay Reynolds Memorial Scholarship - Franklin Elks Lodge 110
Donate Robert L. Kinnear Memorial Scholarship
Donate Rockland Township Community Scholarship
Donate Roy E. Sanner Memorial Scholarship
Donate Russell G. Coast Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ruth Persons Bear & Robert H. Bear Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ruth & Vernon Taylor Salutatorian Award
Donate Ruth & Vernon Taylor Valedictorian Award
Donate Sally & Michael Vereb Charitable
Donate Scholarship Checking Interest
Donate Scotty Bashline Memorial Outdoor Scholarship
Donate Seneca Hills Bible Camp & Retreat Center Endowment
Donate Shawn Rehberg Memorial Scholarship
Donate Shelly Lynn Wice and Jessica Ann Hart Memorial
Donate Sherman Scholarship
Donate Smedley Flowers
Donate Stock Donation Clearing Account
Donate Susan L. Daniels Memorial Scholarship
Donate Susie McConnell Memorial Scholarship
Donate Terry M. Peterson Teachers Support
Donate The Alma T. Weingard Employee Award Endowment
Donate The Charles and Anna Belle Kinnear Donor Advised Fund
Donate The Lois and Carl Heinz Endowment
Donate The Viola Falconi Communion Dress
Donate The William H. Locke Memorial Scholarship
Donate The Williams Charitable
Donate Thomas D. Fulton Scholarship
Donate Thomas E. McNamara Scholarship
Donate Thomas L. Barletta Foundation Charitable Fund for Punxsutawney Youth Commission, Inc.
Donate Tionesta Library
Donate Tree of Life Cemetery
Donate Tri-County Animal Rescue Legacy
Donate Troopers Patterson and Richey Memorial Scholarship
Donate Tut Toth Memorial Scholarship
Donate Two Mile Run County Park
Donate United Way of Venango County Endowment
Donate UPMC Northwest Medical Staff Scholarship
Donate Valley Grove School District
Donate Venango Applied Technology Scholarship
Donate Venango Area Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment
Donate Venango Area Community Gardens
Donate Venango Chamber
Donate Venango County 4-H Endowment
Donate Venango County Arts and Culture Endowment
Donate Venango County Bar Association, Judge William E. Breene Memorial Scholarship
Donate Venango County Economic Development
Donate Venango County Fire Chiefs Association
Donate Venango County Humane Society
Donate Venango County Sheriff's Fund
Donate Venango Training and Development Center Endowment
Donate Venus Telephone Corporation Scholarship
Donate Vera A. Lamey Memorial Scholarship
Donate Vial of Life
Donate Virginia Gordon Russell Scholarship
Donate VTDC Summer Jams
Donate Walter H. Flinchbaugh Memorial Scholarship
Donate West Forest Bunny Run
Donate Will Fabry Memorial Scholarship
Donate William & Elizabeth Charitable Fund for the Trades
Donate William & Elizabeth Scholarship
Donate Witherup Family Community Fund of Venango County
Donate WoG General & Sponors
Donate Women and Girls' Community
Donate Wood-Noble Genealogical Book
Donate Wood-Noble Memorial Scholarship (Defined by Julia Wood Smith Charitable Trust)
Donate Young-Wood Scholarship (Defined by Julia Wood Smith Charitable Trust)
Donate YWCA of Oil City Endowment